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"Smocking is one of the leading causes of all statistics."

Liza Minnelli


Syrup for smockers


Tablets with Quercetin


Smocare® Fast-acting Tablets with N-acetylcisteine

“Smocare products have been created with the aim of improving the lifestyle of many smokers”

We are satisfied with the results obtained and with the many feedback in terms of functional benefits
we will continue the research to offer our customers and smoking friends specific products aimed at everyday well-being.

Stefano De Micheli | Herbit Italia Founder

Herbit Italia

Thanks to the production of SMOCARE®, we are the first ever company committing to the research and development of specific products for smoke consumers.

Dowlad the product info


We have three products that have a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract and make up the first part of our program.

  • Smocare® chewable Tablets with Quercetin

  • Smocare® Fast-acting chewable Tablets with N-acetylcisteine

  • Smocare® Syrup for smokers 150ml

When are the products recommended?

In case of generalized respiratory distress of the upper and lower respiratory tracts, in case of cough with expectoration of mucus. In case of cough, especially irritable, dry and persistent or convulsive.

What are the functional benefits that you will enjoy?


Bronchial secretions fluidity.

Upper and lower respiratory tracts functionality.

Emollient and soothing action of the oropharyngeal mucous membrane.

Throat well-being, balsamic effect and cough reduction.

Promotion of the usual tone of voice.

Sleeping quality improvements.