Smocare® Syrup for smokers 150ml

Contents: 150 ml

Primary active principle:  SMOCARE® made of dry extracts D/E 4:1 of Eucalyputs (Eucalyptus globulus Labill.) leaves, Plantain (Plantago major L.) herb, Horehound (Marrubium vulgare L.) herb with flowers

Secondary active principle: Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.) sticks dry extract glycyrrhizate , Quercetin, Hedge Mustard (Sisymbrium officinale (L) Scop.) flowering tops dry extract D/E 4:1, HELYCOL® snail extract (Helix aspersa).




Syrup for smokers 150 ml

Natural Product
Flavour: licorice

Specific action for smokers: throat wellbeing, balsamic effect and cough reduction; bronchial secretions fluidity; upper and lower respiratory tract functionality.

Choice Recommendation:

Mode of application: 10 ml at least twice per day.
Smocare® Syrup, in liquid form, is the Smocare smokers base treatment.
It’s recommended to take Smocare® Syrup together with Smocare® fast-acting chewable tablets with N-Acetylcisteine in case of fastidious and frequent upset, up to 5 tablets per day.
Carry on with the treatment until the improvement or the complete resolution of the upset.
Smocare® Syrup is recommended at the first upset symptoms.
Smocare® Syrup is recommended for prevention of the upset.

When Smocare Syrup are recommended:
• in case of cough with expectoration of mucus
• In case of cough, especially irritable, dry and persistent or convulsive;
• in case of convulsive, dry and irritative cough, especially with dyspnea (respiratory distress);
• during the usual or increasing consumption of cigarettes.

Functional results:
• bronchial secretions fluidity;
• upper and lower respiratory tract functionality;
• soothing and calming action (oropharyngeal mucose);
• throat wellbeing;
• sleeping quality improvements;
• balsamic effect and cough reduction;
• favour the normal tone of voice.

• it maintains healthy throat and respiratory tract protecting them from respiratory distress, inflammation and localized mucus formation;
• contributes to the maintenance of the breathing quality.

Consumption recommendations:
It is recommended to take 10 ml twice a day. ALWAYS shake it before 5 taking it. To enhance the effects of the Syrup, we suggest to keep it under the tongue for about 1 minute and then slowly swallow it. Gluten free, naturally lactose free, aspartame free.

Smocare® is not a medicine, therefore the active principle is different.
Smocare® cures the upset with ingredients of botanical origin selected through an extraction principle that improves its functional value.

Carefully read the recommendations for use and warnings.