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Properties and specificities

The SMOCARE® extract is obtained from the extraction of hight quality botanical extracts. Three plants were chosen due to their unique and specific properties useful to reach the product’s scopes.
SMOCARE® is combined and balanced with Eucalyptus leaves, Plantain herb and herb of Horehound flowers.

The extracting process

Carrying out the extraction and at low temperatures, we prevent the heat stress chargeable to the thermolabile ingredients, accurately recreating the composition of the substances found in each plant. The final result is SMOCARE®: a unique ingredient to which all plant’s properties are transferred. The bond between them determines a special composite with qualities that are unique and superior to any plant.

The product’s safety is guaranteed by the continuous monitoring that assures the compliance, heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents and microbiologic purity.

In the water extracting process, the obtained solution is separated from the initial drug (filtration) and concentrated at low pressure.

The semi-finished product is tested by the quality control, then it’s supported on maltodextrins and dried with spray drier.

The final concentration is 4 times the initial plant and the aqueous extraction lets to obtain from the plants all the active principles that compose the hydro soluble phytocomplex.


Description and properties of the main active ingredients in the composition of syrup and tablets.

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