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Safety for our customers.

The whole SMOCARE® line is entirely manufactured in Italy with a combination between high quality botanical extracts and other botanical extracts and other raw materials accurately selected.

From our plant come products specific for a functional solution to our smoker consumers’ upset and respiratory deficiencies.

Inside our plant we created an ingredient as a functional remedy against respiratory upsets of smokers and generalised deficiencies.

The SMOCARE® active principle is balanced with Eucalyptus leaves, Plantain herb and stress herb of Horehound flowers. Three plants were chosen due to their the unique and specific properties useful to reach the product’s scopes.

Carrying out the extraction and at low temperatures, we prevent the heat chargeable to the thermolabile ingredients, accurately recreating composition of the substances found in each plant. The final result is a unique ingredient to which all plant’s properties are transferred. The bond between them determines a special composite with qualities that are unique and superior to any plant.

Supply chain traceability

Of particular importance are the botanical extracts for which we ensure a supply chain traceability according to the ISO 22005 standards. The product’s safety is guaranteed by the continuous monitoring that assures the compliance, heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents and microbiologic purity.